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AMPLIFY stands for Aim Plan and Act on Lifestyles. It is a new research study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute to help survivors eat healthy and exercise.

What are AMPLIFY participants saying?

"I’m a breast cancer survivor. The biggest thing I got out of AMPLIFY was being able to go online and answer the questions and put my weight in every day. I have never weighted myself daily, and that has really been a big help…just being able to control your weight better that way. I want to say that I think AMPLIFY is a wonderful program. I’ve been very successful with it. I’ve talked to friends that I knew had cancer, and one of them has joined…I think it’s a great program.”
— Mrs. H.

Ms. H has been in the program for about 6 months, and she lost 36 pounds (roughly 21% of her body weight), and dropped 14 inches from her waist size.