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Personalized for cancer survivors, we help you learn how to live a healthy life.

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More than 600 people participated in AMPLIFY! They have contributed to developing the AMPLIFY Program and benefiting cancer survivors. We may have other research opportunities for cancer survivors that open in the future. If you are interested in leaving your name on a waitlist, click the button below to provide your contact information.

What is AMPLIFY?

A free personalized online lifestyle program developed for survivors. AMPLIFY uses the latest research to help you lose weight and improve general health. Through weekly, 15-minute, self-paced sessions, you will learn how to eat healthier, move more and manage stress.

AMPLIFY is a research study funded by the National Cancer Institute. The goal of this study is to discover which healthy lifestyle programs work best for survivors. Your participation may help you and help future cancer survivors.

Weight Loss

AMPLIFY helps you reach your weight loss goal, and improve your physical and mental health. Because AMPLIFY is based on the latest research, we know it can help!


Eating to lose weight is more than a diet plan. AMPLIFY will teach you about food choices and provide you with recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists to take with you every step of the way. You will learn the facts about sugar, calories, supplements and more.


Regular daily movement helps maintain muscle and manage your weight. By moving, you can reduce fatigue, improve strength and balance,  so that you can keep doing the things you want. AMPLIFY’s simple exercise and movement plans support your needs either at home or the gym.

AMPLIFY Sneak Peek

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What are AMPLIFY participants saying?

"I’m a breast cancer survivor. The biggest thing I got out of AMPLIFY was being able to go online and answer the questions and put my weight in every day. I have never weighed myself daily, and that has really been a big help…just being able to control your weight better that way. I want to say that I think AMPLIFY is a wonderful program. I’ve been very successful with it. I’ve talked to friends that I knew had cancer, and one of them has joined…I think it’s a great program.”
— Ms. H.

Ms. H has been in the program for about 6 months, and she lost 36 pounds (roughly 21% of her body weight), and dropped 5.5 inches from her waist size.

What AMPLIFY Participants Get for Free

A full year of information, tools, and resources to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise.


Content is tailored to you based on a comprehensive intake process. AMPLIFY is self-paced and you can fit it into your life in just 15 minutes per week. While in the program you will have unlimited access to the resources.

Resource Library

You will have access to resources through a simple, interactive website. Join, and you’ll find information, videos, and tools for successful lifestyle change. Create a meal plan or a personalized exercise plan, and more.

Weekly Sessions

We know weight loss can feel overwhelming, so AMPLIFY breaks it down into simple steps. Weekly sessions focus on a new topic with personalized guidance. You also can learn about sugar, dietary supplements, improving flexibility and strength, and more.

Why Is AMPLIFY Different?

AMPLIFY was developed just for cancer survivors. Its creators understand how cancer impacts your weight, overall health, and quality of life.

While a year may seem like a long time to commit, successfully changing habits takes time. AMPLIFY helps you stick with it by keeping in mind your food preferences, budget, and daily life.

What will you get from participating in AMPLIFY?

AMPLIFY study participants will receive:

Examples of AMPLIFY Sessions

Each session can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, even on your phone.

Overcoming Unhelpful Thoughts

  • Module Type: Video
  • Time to Complete: 7 minutes

Moving Better and Making Healthy Choices Easier

  • Module Type: Video
  • Time to Complete: 7 minutes
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