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Meet the AMPLIFY Team!

Wendy Demark
Wendy Demark, PhD, RD
Laura Rogers
Laura Rogers, MD, MPH
Dori Pekmezi
Dori Pekmezi, PhD
Kevin Fontaine
Kevin Fontaine, PhD
Michelle Martin
Michelle Martin, PhD
Teri Hoenemeyer
Teri Hoenemeyer, PhD
Nataliya Ivankova
Nataliya Ivankova, PhD, MPH
Kelly Kenzik
Kelly Kenzik, MS PhD
Robert Oster
Robert Oster, PhD
Maria Pisu
Maria Pisu, PhD
Yu-Mei Schoenberger-Godwin
Yu-Mei Schoenberger-Godwin, PhD
Amber W. Kinsey
Amber W. Kinsey, PhD


Shauntice Allen, PhD (UAB)

Christie Befort, PhD (Kansas University Medical Center)

Mark Conaway, PhD (University of Virginia)

Paul Erwin, MD, PhD (UAB)

Patricia Ganz, MD (University of California at Los Angeles)

Jim O Hill, PhD (UAB)

Mona Fouad, MD, MPH (UAB

Robert (Skip) Jordan

Louis Josef, CPE (Bruno Cancer Center)

Cheryl Moseley

Edward Partridge, MD (UAB)

Julia Sosa

Bonnie Spring, PhD (Northwestern University)

CF Wilson

Kate Wolin, DrPH (Coeus Health)

Other Contributors

Jessica L. Adams

Jami Anderson, MSc, MBS

Montse Anderson, MA

Colleen Anusiewicz, PhD

Jared Ball, MPH

Ryan Buckman

Catherine A Couch, MS, RD

Peyton Curtis

Heather Dreps, MS

David Farrell, MPH


Ivan I. Herbey, MD, MPH

Elizabeth Kitchin, PhD, RD

Sara Mansfield, MS, ACSM-CEP, ACSM-CET

Jessica McKenzie

Bhavan Modi

Ryan Murphy

Ildiko Nyikos, MA, ACSM-RCEP, EIM-3

Victoria Odom

Jonathan Wall, MM

Julie Warwick, MPH, NBC-HWC

Kaitlyn Waugaman, MPH, RDN, LDN

Victoria Williams, PhD


Grant funding:  P01CA22997, R01CA246695, ACS CRP-19-175-06-COUN

CaRES R25 CA76023, T32 CA047888

O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, the School of Public Health, the Department of Nutrition Sciences, and the Division of Preventive Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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