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Why is it important to participate in research?

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To see if AMPLIFY may be right for you, visit the Eligibility page (click here).

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Research Finds Solutions

Cancer research finds out how to keep cancer survivors healthy.

There are many challenges survivors face. For example:

The good news is that research studies such as AMPLIFY will help find ways to address these challenges. But, if only a few survivors participate in these studies, researchers may not find answers for different groups of survivors. For example, if only women participate, results may not apply to men.

Why should I participate? …because YOU can…

Help discover new ways to stay healthy for you and future generations of cancer survivors!

What does it mean to participate in research studies?

There will be many activities related to AMPLIFY to find out how helpful these programs are. By agreeing to be a study participant, the National Cancer Institute would be counting on you to do the best you can to make healthier food choices and to exercise, as well as to complete all telehealth visits and surveys, even if you don’t follow all of the healthy eating and exercise guidance.

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