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What is AMPLIFY?

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Cancer survivors are at higher risk for many health conditions, such as second cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and broken bones. Eating better, exercising, and achieving a healthful weight may help avoid these health issues – but scientists need to learn more about how healthy eating and exercise can be used to improve health. Through your participation on the AMPLIFY study, we will find better ways to help cancer survivors follow these healthy lifestyles and improve their health.

The AMPLIFY study will start us on the way to finding out some answers.

Why are healthy eating and exercise important for cancer survivors?

These lifestyles help:

What you need to know to participate

If you participate, you will receive one of two lifestyle programs over 1 year to eat better, lose weight, and increase exercise.

To find out how helpful these programs are for your overall health, there will be 4 to 5 telehealth visits and surveys to complete either over the telephone or on the web. This will take about 4 hours every 6 months. Also, there will be brief check-ins in between visits.

What will you get from participating in AMPLIFY?

AMPLIFY study participants will receive:

  1. A free online program to learn to eat better and exercise more. Sessions are released every week, and can be completed at your convenience.
  2. Information and support from experts who have worked for decades on improving the lives of cancer survivors.
  3. Virtual support from other cancer survivors, if interested.
  4. Free materials to help you exercise and eat better.
  5. A few extra $$.
  6. Knowledge that you are helping to improve the lives of others.

Research leading to AMPLIFY

Previous research shows that being physically active, eating well, and reducing weight (in those who are overweight) can benefit survivors by slowing down the aging process, helping survivors stay strong, and even reducing depression.

Research studies conducted by the AMPLIFY team have shown that lifestyle interventions can improve quality of life for survivors. These studies included RENEW and BEAT.

BEAT was an exercise program for older cancer survivors. Those who took part in the program increased their amount of exercise to at least 150 minutes per week.

RENEW was a home-based healthy-eating and exercise program. After taking part in the program, survivors ate healthier diets, exercised more, lost weight, and improved their physical function.

These successful programs have been adapted to be available on the web in AMPLIFY. Thus, AMPLIFY hopes to do the same as RENEW and BEAT and improve the life of survivors!

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